Where silence meets innovation

AI-powered & energy-efficient noise reduction technology revolutionizing noise control for a quieter and healthier world.


Do not disturb air flow

Our technology ensures perfect air circulation to prevent overheating

Efficient in low Frequency

Our cells are reactive to low frequencies down to <1000Hz

Compact Silencer

Using versatile 5cm x 5cm cells, we offer endless configurations

Noise Reduction

Our technology enables noise reduction down to -40dB

How it works ?

Vibiscus for less noise. a safer place. a better life.

The Vibiscus team quickly understood our problem and was able to respond perfectly to our needs. Their technology is amazing, especially in the environment we needed it in. Many thanks again and bravo for this innovation.
Danielle S.
Health & Safety Manager
Large transport company. (75)
I think the best testimonial I can give you is to see the satisfaction of the employees in the office on a daily basis since we have more than halved the noise pollution generated by the neighborhood. Thank you Vibiscus!
Philippe P.
SME IT company (75)
Vibiscus is the concrete solution we've been looking for for a long time. This technology is a success where many other sound insulation solutions had failed for us. What a relief.
Matthis W.
SME in the food industry. (39)


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