Recognizing noise pollution as a collective health and environmental problem, we are committed to actively contributing to a calmer world.

It all began with a collective frustration over the pervasive impact of noise pollution on daily life—an impediment to focus, tranquility, and overall well-being.
Driven by this shared determination, our team embarked on a mission to revolutionize noise control.
Through years of dedicated research and experimentation, we discovered the potential to merge principles from physics and electronics to combat noise pollution effectively without the need to enclose spaces.
Today, we aim to stand as leaders in the field of AI-powered noise control, committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities worldwide through our innovative solutions.

Over two decades of Research and Development

An innovative solution at the crossroads of Physics and Electronics.

Gaël Matten

Co-founder & CEO

(PhD in Mechanics and Acoustics)

Robin Rivaton​


(Master in Management, VC) ​

Morvan Ouisse​

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor​


Manuel Collet​

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor​

(CNRS Research Director)

Clément Faure-Gignoux

Embedded Systems Engineer

Master in Complex Systems Engineering

Alexandre Berthet

Research and Development Engineer

PhD in Numerical Vibroacoustics

Stéphane Poireau

Electrical engineer

30 Years of Experience

Philéas Maigrot

Experimental Methods Engineer

PhD in Psychoacoustics

Martin Gillet

Product Design and Development Engineer

Master in Mecanical Engineering

Our missions & visions

Our goal is to foster healthier and more quiet environments for everyone. We envision a world where individuals thrive in peaceful work and living spaces, free from the disruptions of noise pollution.

Vibiscus SAS
18 Rue Alain Savary, 25000 Besançon  |  +33 (0)3 81 25 03 49